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Toppress Siebdruck GmbH is a flexible and innovative service provider.

We supply our customers worldwide with high-quality graphic overlays, membrane keyboard overlays, stickers and labelling for various requirements and specifications in the world of industry and commerce.

As managing partners, we believe in sustainable management. We offer our customers a wide range of services along the value chain of their products.

The range of services includes standard products from our manufacturing potential. Our entire creativity and capacity shines through in developing solutions tailored to our customers.

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Our Services

Graphic overlays, control panel overlays

Graphic overlays made from polycarbonate or polyester, printed in several colours, self-adhesive, embossed, lasered or plotted, with matted or transparent display windows for displays or LEDs

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Membrane keyboard overlays

Membrane keyboard overlays for customer-own input and operating systems with display and LED windows, flat keypads, embossed or domed with a polyurethane coating for better haptic guiding of the operator.

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In-mould films

In-mould films for the in-mould decoration (IMD) procedure are printed, tailored or 3D-formed plastic films made from polycarbonate or polyester with a hardened surface for back injection with a plastic mass during the injection moulding process

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Diffuser films, diffusion films

LED planar lighting with diffuser films, high level of light diffusion, low loss of light for backlit displays, displays and lighting systems, printed with lightproof, precise external contours

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Membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards with printed switches on polyester film, flexible circuit boards (FPC), with tactile and haptic feedback, integrated SMD LEDs, EMI/RFI shield, background lighting

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Stickers, adhesive labels, domed stickers

Stickers, domed stickers, signs, symbols, warning stickers, information signs, product safety signs with REACH and RoHS-compliant and UL-classified materials for labelling equipment, machines and vehicles

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Vinyl lettering

Pre-spaced self-adhesive vinyl lettering with doming made from coloured or printed film for industrial use, equipped with positioning aids for easy and cost-effective installation onto vehicles, machines and appliances

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Control panels, front panels

Control panels made from PMMA or polycarbonate and printed on the rear side, self-adhesive for installing on cover frames, with reflective coating, colour-disappearing effect, diffuser colours, display surfaces and diffuser LEDs

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Container printing, housing printing

We print all kinds of plastic housing, metal housing, front panels, covers and plastic injection moulded parts using silk screen printing, pad printing and inkjet printing.

Large storage capacities available for customer supplies!

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Adhesive printing

Process individual adhesive surface layouts quickly and cost-effectively with silk screen-printed stickers; film can be removed immediately after incorrect installation with no adhesion residue; films stuck on inaccurately can be repositioned easily

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Plastic stampings

Plastic parts punched from film and sheet material, cut, lasered and milled, self-adhesive and printed, for various constructive application in apparatus engineering

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Assembly of components

Partial or complete assembly of injection moulding and plastic parts, professional adhesion of stickers, film lettering and graphic overlays on the plastic parts and plastic housing provided

Large storage capacities available for customer supplies!

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Developers, designers, product designers


Successful companies don’t develop ideas locked away in a room, but rather think outside the box. They search for new ideas off the beaten track, connect with partners who think in an interdisciplinary manner, and think unconventionally and as a network.

Today, companies not only differentiate themselves from one another in terms of quality, but also in how quickly they act on the market.

Customers expect quality!

Agile development processes need agile suppliers.

  • We are your partner in the agile product development process.
  • We anticipate your ideas.
  • We fine-tune your ideas.
  • We visualise your ideas with samples and prototypes.

By using the trial and error principle, we are able to recognise mistakes early on and thus prevent a late and costly failure of your project.

  • We support our customer along the way, from the idea and concept to a prototype and large-scale production.
  • We incorporate our experiences from successful projects and the knowledge of your supplier network.
  • We are familiar with the available colour systems, materials and manufacturing technologies on the market.
  • We are market-oriented with a focus on manufacturing technology.

And if we happen to realise during the development project that an idea is expensive in terms of manufacturing or cannot be readily implemented, then we try to steer away from this before it becomes a problem.

Integrate us into your product development process early on so that your idea becomes reality with a production-optimised product.

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